Our company can offer PCB to the masses of customers and copy the board,change board,PCB design,principle picture make, BOM from make, chip decipher and PCB Produce ,stick toscenes of processing a connected sequence.our aim: "QUALITY FIRST,THE CUSTOMER IS THE HIGHEST"we will do the best service for you...
  PCB wiring design
  PCB board change
  High-speed PCB design
  High-frequency design
Chip decryption
PCB cloning/copy plate
  Schematic diagram
  PCB files
  BOM preparation
  Prototype test
IC samples purchasing
PCB board system
SMT placement
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  Zhi Wei (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. After six years of continuous efforts have been for the majority of e-business, electronic engineers, at all levels of scientific research institutions, universities, professional design and copy many domestic companies as well as board other individuals, groups, etc. to provide from technical support to the complete solution of the full service. The company continued the development process and main attack types difficult projects to help clients shorten the development cycle, saving development costs, reduce production risk and technical support costs, enhance customer competitiveness and profitability.
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